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Appeon Powerbuilder 2019 R3 Build 2670 .NET DataStore, PowerServer and PowerScript

Appeon Powerbuilder 2019 R3 Build 2670

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  • Version: 2019 R3 Build 2670
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Download Appeon Powerbuilder for Windows - A new collection of software tools Complex in Windows operating systems, ios and android to leave you


Appeon Powerbuilder 2019 is a new collection of software tools Complex in Windows operating systems, ios and android to leave you. Appeon product is set before you, that helps you faster and with better quality software for different platforms and ready to be shipped. With this software you'll be able to build practical and perfect. The new generation of software that PowerBuilder has been prepared for you a special benefit of science and technology.

The complex also has a rich library of information and data you need to use and offers. Everything that you need and you will affect the quality and speed of work in the library is included. By PowerBuilder You'll be able to build global programs. API also create software based on the functionality of this series. In this series you are able to offer software for Windows website, ios and android will be.

Features of PowerBuilder Universal Edition:

  • Desktop client/server targets
  • Mobile deployment
  • Web deployment
  • .NET Web service targets (obsolete)
  • .NET Assembly targets (obsolete)
  • C# Core Web API targets
  • C# Assembly targets

PowerBuilder 2019 Universal Edition Includes:

  • PowerBuilder IDE
  • PowerServer (PB Edition)
  • PowerServer Toolkit
  • PowerServer Help
  • PowerServer Web Component
  • SnapDevelop.

PowerBuilder 2019 includes the following key new features:

PowerBuilder C# IDE: Powered by a customized version of the SnapDevelop IDE, easily build a variety of non-visual C# projects, such as C# Web APIs, non-visual assemblies, and unit testing (with xUnit).

.NET Data Access Objects: Two .NET data access objects are provided: .NET DataStore and ModelStore

DataWindow Conversion Utility: Migrate existing DataWindow data objects to C# Data Models.

REST Web API Client: A powerful client is provided for consuming REST Web APIs.

UI Themes: Skin the UI of PowerBuilder applications, instantly bringing a modern look and feel in a codeless fashion.

TX Text Control: The TX Text Control RichTextEdit is integrated back into PowerBuilder by popular demand.

Compressor and Extractor Objects: Compress and decompress files or folders in a variety of popular formats, including ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR, LZMA, and LZMA86. The object’s properties, events, and functions provide visibility and control of the process.

System Requirements:

For installing PowerBuilder & PowerServer Toolkit:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7 SP1
  • (Optional) Universal C Runtime * (for using the C# features in the PowerBuilder IDE)
  • (Optional) Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 SDK (for using the C# features in the PowerBuilder IDE) (will be automatically installed by the setup program)
  • (Optional) SAP SQL Anywhere 17.0, 16.0, or 12.0 (for running the PowerBuilder demos)

For installing PowerServer (.NET):

  • (Recommended) Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, or 2008 R2
  • (Optional) Windows 10, 8.1, or 7 SP1
  • MicrosoftIIS 10, 8.0, or 7.5
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.x
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