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ConfigureDefender Configure Microsoft Defender Antivirus


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    Windows 8, 10
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Download ConfigureDefender 3 for Windows 8, 10 - A small utility that allows you to manage the settings for Windows Defender in Windows 8.1/10 efficiently

ConfigureDefender is a small utility that allows you to manage the settings for Windows Defender in Windows 8.1/10 efficiently. It is a part of Hard_Configurator project (including source files), but it can be used as a standalone application (portable).

This utility is intended to assist Windows 10 users in configuring Windows Defender to suit their specific needs allowing a more streamlined experience. There are several preconfigured settings included, but you can customize it to your exact needs. ConfigureDefender's interface isn't super modern by any stretch, but it provides access to the essential settings needed to preview and ultimately configure Windows Defender properly.


You can manually disable/enable various items like real-time & behavior monitoring, download & script scanning, PUA protection, etc. One nice thing is that ConfigureDefender is available on includes a few preset configuration models if you are unsure of what to change allowing you to opt for one of them.

ConfigureDefender will prove to be useful for those that would like to get the greatest benefits out of Windows Defender so that you can be fully protected. This will be especially true if you happen to be using Windows Defender as your primary antivirus option.

Available Windows Defender settings on different Windows 10 versions:

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Behavior Monitoring
  • Scan all downloaded files and attachments
  • Reporting Level (MAPS membership level)
  • Average CPU Load while scanning
  • Automatic Sample Submission
  • Potentially unwanted applications (short: PUA Protection)
  • Cloud Protection Level (Default)
  • Cloud Check Time Limit.

ConfigureDefender utility and GPOs:

ConfigureDefender utility can be used on Windows 10 Professional & Enterprise editions, if an Administrator did not apply Defender policies via Group Policy Management Console. Normally, all those policies are by default set to 'Not configured'. They can be found in Group Policy Management Console:

  • Computer configuration >> Policies >> Administrative templates >> Windows components >> Windows Defender Antivirus.

The tabs: MAPS, MpEngine, Real-time Protection, Reporting, Scan, Spynet, and Windows Defender Exploit Guard, should be inspected before using ConfigureDefender. The corresponding policies have to be set to 'Not configured'. If not, then the GPO Refresh feature will override the settings applied via ConfigureDefender.

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