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DoNotSpy10 5.3 Antispy tool for Windows 10

DoNotSpy10 5.3

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    51 Rated
  • Operating system:
    Windows 10
  • Language: English
  • Version: 5.3
  • Latest updated:
  • License: Freeware
  • Publisher: pXc-coding
  • File size: 4 Mb
  • Download: 340

Download DoNotSpy10 5 for Windows 10 - A freeware designed to help you configure security settings in Windows 10 to prevent leaks of your private information

DoNotSpy10 is the world's first antispy tool for Windows 10. Its straight-forward user interface allows you to manage how Windows 10 respects their privacy. Microsoft introduces many new "diagnostic" features with Windows 10. These services help Microsoft collect usage data and thus to provide a better service. However, collecting and sharing your data with one of the world's leading technology companies puts your privacy at risk. There are services which are able to record your keyboard input, your speech and any other actions of the user. Others share your WiFi credentials with your contact or connect you to networks shared by your contacts.


DoNotSpy10 - Antispy tool for Windows 10

DoNotSpy10 provides you with the opportunity to easily manage what you want to share and what not. While many of the settings represent what you can configure using the Settings and various other apps, there are also tweaks that are not easily accessible through the apps Windows provides. DoNotSpy10 is available on combines them all in one application - it's time to protect your privacy, let's start!

Features of DoNotSpy10

  • Advertising: Disable Advertising in Windows Explorer
  • Advertising: Disable and Reset Advertising ID
  • Advertising: Disable App Suggestions in Windows Ink Workspace
  • Advertising: Disable Bluetooth Advertising
  • Advertising: Disable Start Menu App Suggestions
  • Apps: Disable Access to Account Info
  • Apps: Disable Access to Calendar
  • Apps: Disable Access to Call History
  • Apps: Disable Access to Camera
  • Apps: Disable Access to Contacts
  • Apps: Disable Access to Diagnostic Data
  • Apps: Disable Access to Email
  • Apps: Disable Access to Language List
  • Apps: Disable Access to Location Info
  • Apps: Disable Access to Messaging
  • Apps: Disable Access to Microphone
  • Apps: Disable Access to Notifications
  • Apps: Disable Access to Radios
  • Apps: Disable Access to USBDriveLog
  • Apps: Disable App Notifications
  • Apps: Disable Application Telemetry
  • Apps: Disable Background Applications
  • Apps: Disable Push To Install (Fall Creators Update) *new*
  • Apps: Disable Silent Installed Apps
  • Apps: Disable Sync With Devices
  • Defender: Disable Windows Defender Cloud Protection
  • Defender: Disable Windows Defender Sample Submission
  • Defender: Disable Windows Defender
  • Defender: Enable Network Protection (Exploit Guard) (Fall Creators Update) *new*
  • Edge: Disable Adobe Flash Player
  • Edge: Disable Page Prediction
  • Edge: Disable Search Suggestions
  • Edge: Enable Do Not Track
  • Privacy: Disable Message Service Cloud Sync (Fall Creators Update) *new*
  • Privacy: Disable Auto Map Download
  • Privacy: Disable Biometrics
  • Privacy: Disable Enabling Lock Screen Camera
  • Privacy: Disable Experimentation
  • Privacy: Disable Facts, Tips, Ticks and More on your Lock Screen
  • Privacy: Disable Handwriting Data Sharing
  • Privacy: Disable Handwriting Error Reporting
  • Privacy: Disable Inventory Collector
  • Privacy: Disable KMS Client Online Validation
  • Privacy: Disable Location *updated*
  • Privacy: Disable Network Traffic Pre User SignIn *new*
  • Privacy: Disable OneDrive
  • Privacy: Disable Password Reveal Button
  • Privacy: Disable Retrieving Device Metadata
  • Privacy: Disable Sending Writing Info
  • Privacy: Disable Sensors
  • Privacy: Disable Setting Sync
  • Privacy: Disable SmartScreen-Filter for URLs
  • Privacy: Disable Steps Recorder
  • Privacy: Disable Tailored Experience using Diagnostic Data
  • Privacy: Disable Telemetry
  • Privacy: Disable Tips about Windows
  • Privacy: Disable WiFi Sense
  • Privacy: Disable Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program
  • Privacy: Disable Windows Feedback Requestes
  • Privacy: Disable Windows Media DRM Internet Access
  • Privacy: Disable Windows welcome experience
  • Privacy: Show Detailed Data Usage
  • Search: Disable and Reset Cortana
  • Search: Disable Cloud Search (Fall Creators Update) *new*
  • Search: Disable Getting to know me *updated*
  • Search: Disable Web Search
  • Start: Do Not Show Recently Opened Applications
  • Start: Do Not Show Recently Opened Files
  • Updates: Defer Windows Upgrades
  • Updates: Disable Automatic Driver Update
  • Updates: Disable Automatic Speech Model Updates (Fall Creators Update) *new*
  • Updates: Disable Automatic Windows Store Updates
  • Updates: Disable Automatic Windows Updates
  • Updates: Disable Malicious Software Removal Tool via Windows Update
  • Updates: Disable Windows Update for Other Products
  • Updates: Disable Windows Update Sharing
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