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Frosty Mod Manager Stable / 1.0.6 Beta 4 Free Mod Manager

Frosty Mod Manager Stable / 1.0.6 Beta 4

  • Evaluate:
    3.947 Rated
  • Operating system:
    Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Language: English
  • Version: Stable / 1.0.6 Beta 4
  • Latest updated:
  • License: Freeware
  • Publisher: The Frosty Development Team
  • File size: 30.7 Mb
  • Download: 24912

Download Frosty Mod Manager for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 - A video game utility program that allows you to organize and manage mods for various games using the Frostbite engine


Frosty Mod Manager (a part of the Frosty Tool Suite) is a video game utility program that allows you to organize and manage mods for various games using the Frostbite engine. Created by the Frosty Development Team, this handy modding tool is considered the most advanced modding platform for games running on DICE's Frostbite game engine. It’s not only a manager program, but the software also includes a mod editor for anyone who would like to make their own mods and apply them to the games compatible with Frosty. If you want to edit and create MODs yourself, you can use Frosty Editor.

This program has both Editor and Manager mode, allowing you to design mods and test them with ease. The mod manager can create multiple game profiles and install mods directly from RAR, ZIP, and 7z. Command-line execution of games and the manager itself is possible.

The current list of supported Frostbite games is as follows:

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda
  • Mirrors Edge: Catalyst
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Need for Speed
  • FIFA 17
  • FIFA 18 (Requires an encryption key to access the files for editing)
  • Need for Speed: Payback
  • Battlefield 1
  • Madden NFL 19
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
  • FIFA 19 (Requires an encryption key to access the files for editing, as well as for applying mods)
  • Anthem (Read Only. Requires an encryption key to access the files)
  • Need for Speed: Rivals
  • Need for Speed Online (Read Only)
  • Battlefield V (Read Only)
  • Battlefield 4
  • Madden NFL 20
  • Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (Read Only).
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