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Integrity Pro 12.7.10 Broken links, sitemap, SEO and more

Integrity Pro 12.7.10

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    Windows MacOS
  • Language: English
  • Version: 12.7.10
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  • License: Full_version
  • Publisher: PeacockMedia
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Download Integrity Pro 12 for Windows MacOS - Link checker and much more... Broken links, sitemap, SEO and more


Integrity Pro for macOS has the new v12 crawling engine, it checks links and generates a sitemap with all the searching, filtering and exporting functionality of the Plus version. It adds SEO details and a sitewide spellcheck. It isn't intended to replace Scrutiny, but to be pitched between Integrity Plus and Scrutiny, a more affordable step for Integrity Plus users.

Link checking

All the features of Integrity Plus. Fast, efficient, accurate link checker. Manage multiple sites, search, filter, export.

New - HTML validation

Site-wide html validation. A number of tests are made to the html of each page as they are scanned, with a focus on well-formedness and issues that may have consequences. For a strict validation, a page can be passed to the w3c validator with a single click. (from version 10)


Export an xml sitemap for submission to the search engines (and in other formats too). Option to include images and pdf files. Set up rules for your priority / change frequency or edit these manually.


After a single scan, Integrity Pro is available on holds a vast amount of information about your site. Search it, filter it, export it. Shows a list of warnings such as missing title / description, thin content, keyword stuffed pages, images without alt text, mixed content and much more.


Run a spelling check, view the results by misspelled word or by page. Uses the standard OSX functionality and your custom dictionary.

Serviced scan, scheduled, cross-platform results

If you're not a Mac user, or would like to just receive a regular notification of the scan results, viewable and downloadable on any platform, you may be interested in ordering a regular Integrity or Scrutiny scan online.

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