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NVIDIA Driver Downloader Download NVIDIA Game Ready and Studio drivers

NVIDIA Driver Downloader

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Download NVIDIA Driver Downloader for Windows 11, 10 - Allows you to download NVIDIA Game Ready and Studio drivers via the command-line


NVIDIA Driver Downloader allows you to download NVIDIA Game Ready and Studio drivers directly from the command line. NVIDIA Driver Downloader is available on aiiguide.com can download and install driver packages, extract driver packages, check for driver updates, and list driver versions for your NVIDIA GPU through the command line. It is tailored for modern NVIDIA GPUs. Best of all, no space-wasting GUI, just a straightforward CLI option to keep your drivers up-to-date.

How to use NVIDIA Driver Downloader:

  1. --download | Download a specified driver version.
    --download | Download the latest driver.
  2. --list | Return a list of driver versions.
  3. --extract | Extract the specified driver package.
  4. --studio | Set the driver type to Studio. (Default: Game Ready)
  5. --standard | Set the driver type to Standard. (Default: DCH)
  6. --output | Specify the output directory.
    --output | Set the output directory to the current working directory.
  7. --update | Check if the currently installed NVIDIA driver is outdated or not.
  8. --full | Sets the driver package type to Full.
  9. --components [Components] | Specify which components to include when extracting a driver package.
  10. --setup | Run the extracted driver package setup.
  11. --flags [Flags ...] | Pass flags to NVDDL.
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