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SmartFix Tool 2.3.15 Automatic troubleshooting for Windows

SmartFix Tool 2.3.15 - Automatic troubleshooting for Windows

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  • Language: English
  • Version: 2.3.15
  • Latest updated: July 20, 2021
  • License: Freeware
  • Publisher: SmartFix
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SmartFix Tool

Download SmartFix Tool 2 - Automatically fixes the most common problems and even cures your computer from unknown malware

Overview of SmartFix Tool 2 - Automatic troubleshooting for Windows:


SmartFix Tool automatically fixes the most common problems and even cures your computer from unknown malware, which antivirus cannot find. After integration SmartFix is available in the Start menu and in the Recovery Environment on the F8 at boot time for WinXP and above.

Features of SmartFix Tool:

  • Program SmartFix is a logical continuation of the development AntiSMS.
  • The log is stored in the %WinDir%\SmartFix, however, for convenience, is also available in %WinDir%\AntiSMS.
  • The boot disk AntiSMS compatible, you can download them from and to win over SmartFix.exe for updates.
  • In normal use, when the system is booted, the disks are not needed at all - it is enough to integrate.
  • Have the ability to quickly download the latest versions of AutoRuns, AdwCleaner and CureIt for further verification.
  • The logo of the program on the website indicates TeamViewerQS for quick assistance to users by phone.

When the utility starts you can choose the following:

  • Perform the integration in the SmartFix system restore.
  • To perform a full restore of the network settings and reboot.
  • Download additional tools: AutoRuns, Dr. Web CureIt! or AdwCleaner.

The principle of work and recommendations:

  • After integration SmartFix available in the start menu and in the recovery environment via F8 upon boot for WinXP and above. For automatic configuration, click start -> SmartFix -> Troubleshooting, then Start and wait until the program will do the job. The computer will reboot into the recovery environment, where the program configures it for about 5 minutes and then boots the system in normal mode. If you wish, you can check the log in %WinDir%\SmartFix and enable the disabled startup items through msconfig. On the website you can transfer unambiguously safe or malicious files to check, they will be included with the release of the next version of the program. Experienced users are recommended to check the system with antivirus and additional tools to control startup.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Permitted extensions: jpg, gif, png, 7z, rar, zip, exe, dll, sys, txt, log, up to 200 MB in size.