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Download Spotify for Windows Windows, MacOS, Android - A music app that gives you instant access to thousands of songs and radio shows, enjoy superb sound quality and more

Spotify is a music app that gives you instant access to thousands of songs and radio shows, enjoy superb sound quality and more. The Spotify is available on app allows you to search for songs by artist name, album, genre, playlists by topic or by record label. Premium "Premium" subscriptions get benefits like no ads interrupting music playback, unlimited song transfers, playing any song you want, and the ability to download music for offline listening.


Spotify provides users with a huge music store with more than 35 million songs covering various genres (pop, ballad,...), radio programs (comedy, talk, books,...), music videos,... not only of international but also of Vietnam, on the high quality sound of Spotify. With a huge music store, you can easily find any song. Just enter the song name, genre, mood, time,... in the search bar, Spotify will return you the most relevant results.

With the Spotify music app, you can follow your favorite artists and not miss any of their new songs. After a period of use, Spotify will automatically create playlists based on your listening frequency and music preferences. From there, you have quick access to enjoy your favorite songs each week.

Features of Spotify:

  • Diverse music store, high quality sound
  • Powerful search capabilities songs and podcasts
  • Automatically create playlists of songs according to your preferences
  • Follow your friends and favorite artists easily
  • Spotify provides users with two music service packages, free and paid (premium).
  • With the Premium service package, you will get a better music experience with 320kbps sound quality, unlimited transfer freedom, and listen to music continuously without being interrupted by ads.

Enjoy better music with Premium Spotify:

  • Moreover, the premium package also allows you to download up to 3333 songs and store them on up to 3 devices to listen to when there is no internet connection.
  • Spotify gives users a great music experience with a huge song store, quality sound and exclusive songs only available on the app. Quickly download the application to enjoy great songs on Spotify.
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