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TidyTabs 1.20.1 Tabbed window manager for Windows

TidyTabs 1.20.1

  • Evaluate:
    51 Rated
  • Operating system:
    Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Language: Multilingual
  • Version: 1.20.1
  • Latest updated:
  • License: Freeware
  • Publisher: Nurgo Software
  • File size: 6 Mb
  • Download: 364

Download TidyTabs for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 - Smart tab management for windows with the ability to combine many active programs into one tab to open and handle work faster

TidyTabs is an app that brings tabbed browsing similar to most web browsers to all of your programs. TidyTabs adds the Chrome-style tabs into Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office, or Notepad++. It integrates nicely with supported operating systems and makes multi-tab functionality seems like it's built-in.


TidyTabs is a smart solution for you to optimize your desktop workspace by grouping tabs into a unified whole. This is like when you are using a web browser, easily switching and accessing those tabs. To manage tabs on Chrome browser, you can use Tab Manager which is a tab management utility in the form of a thumbnail. The Tab Manager utility also supports shortcuts to manage cards, very quickly and conveniently.

TidyTabs makes it easy for users to search, combine information and cycle between multiple pages at the same time, thereby saving more time processing information. TidyTabs also supports flexibly customizing the appearance of favorite tools to suit many applications, hiding tabs in full screen mode or single tabs, quickly dragging and dropping tabs into one or creating groups according to user needs. .

TidyTabs Features:

  • Give every window a tabbed user interface
  • Organize your windows and free up space on your desktop
  • Save your optimal layout and streamline your workflow
  • Quickly find your tabs even when there are many
  • TidyTabs will guess by itself that some window types will never need tabs.
  • TidyTabs try to be as stealthy and non-distracting as possible.
  • Every single function of TidyTabs can be configured or disabled thanks to a very simple and well documented interface.
  • All the features of TidyTabs are accessible through easy-to-remember and customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • TidyTabs has been designed to interoperate nicely with AquaSnap.
  • A shell enhancement tool should assist you without slowing down your computer.


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