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  1. Opera GX 102.0.4880.82 - Gaming Browser

    Gaming Browser
    Opera, September 30, 2023, Web Browsers , 2116 Views
    gaming browser with built-in limiters for cpu, ram, and network usage, plus discord & twitch sidebar integration

    Download: 549

  2. AdGuard Ad Blocker v4.0.920 Nightly - APK Premium

    APK Premium
    AdGuard, June 12, 2023, Security - Privacy , 290 Views
    a unique no root ad blocker for android that removes ads in apps and browsers, protects your privacy

    Download: 112

  3. CCleaner Browser 111.0.20716.149 - Private and highly secure Web browser

    Private and highly secure Web browser
    Piriform, April 10, 2023, Web Browsers , 1317 Views
    the fast, private and secure browser for windows released by the publisher piriform based on chromium

    Download: 496

  4. Ghostery 8.6.0 for Chrome, Firefox - Ad Blocking and Faster Page Loads

    Ad Blocking and Faster Page Loads
    Ghostery, January 15, 2022, Web Browsers , 857 Views
    allows you to control ads and tracking technology to speed up page loads, eliminate clutter and protect your data

    Download: 347

  5. VSO Downloader - Video and audio downloader software

    Video and audio downloader software
    VSO team, September 07, 2021, Download Managers , 954 Views
    download videos from thousands of sites like youtube, dailymotion, metacafe and more video as well as audio streaming sites

    Download: 475

  6. Maxthon - Cloud Oriented Web Browser

    Cloud Oriented Web Browser
    Maxthon, May 02, 2021, Web Browsers , 1494 Views
    cloud-oriented web browser has fast page load times and multi-engine web search capabilities and extensive customization

    Download: 628