Games :
  1. Playnite 10.14 - Video game library manager

    Video game library manager
    Josef Nemec, April 10, 2023, Game support tools , 1239 Views
    an open source video game library manager with one simple goal: to provide a unified interface for all of your games

    Download: 380

  2. Logyx Pack 24.47 - 150 different logic games

    150 different logic games
    Drazen, March 27, 2023, Game support tools , 1052 Views
    a portable collection of 150 different logic games to test your brain with adjustable options to make them suitable for almost any age player

    Download: 435

  3. PPSSPP 1.14.3 - PSP emulator for Windows

    PSP emulator for Windows
    AiiGuide, January 02, 2023, Game support tools , 1080 Views
    psp emulator for windows, play your favorite psp games on a windows environment, with support for iso images and psn downloaded games

    Download: 449

  4. Ubisoft Connect 133.1.10715 - Ubisoft games across all platforms

    Ubisoft games across all platforms
    Ubisoft Entertainment, September 02, 2022, Game support tools , 682 Views
    a service created by ubisoft that provides its users an experience similar to other game companies' achievements

    Download: 267

  5. ReShade 5.4.0 + Addon - Advanced post-processing everywhere

    Advanced post-processing everywhere
    ReShade, August 29, 2022, Game support tools , 1513 Views
    a generic post-processing injector for games and video software developed by crosire

    Download: 587

  6. MatriX.CoronaKO 2.11 - The virus hunt continues

    The virus hunt continues
    Nenad Hrg, August 22, 2022, Horror Game , 550 Views
    a 3d game, the sequel to corona-ko, the viruses have infected your on-board computer and mutated into digital viruses

    Download: 216

  7. Steam July 27, 2022 - Official Steam App for Windows Devices

    Official Steam App for Windows Devices
    Valve Corporation, July 28, 2022, Action Game , 1210 Views
    the official steam app for windows devices provides authentication, trade, and community features to secure and enhance your steam experience

    Download: 491

  8. GameSave Manager 3.1.512.0 - Backup, restore and transfer your game save(s)

    Backup, restore and transfer your game save(s)
    InsaneMatt, July 18, 2022, Game support tools , 1009 Views
    the software has the effect of backing up, restoring and moving save files of the games that users play

    Download: 446

  9. EA App 12.0.256-5205 Beta - Platform Packed with Great PC Games

    Platform Packed with Great PC Games
    Electronic Arts Inc, July 06, 2022, Game support tools , 755 Views
    launch a game, add friends, and explore the latest features in our next-generation pc gaming experience

    Download: 292

  10. Heroic Games Launcher 2.3.8 - Multi-platform game launcher for Windows, MacOS

    Multi-platform game launcher for Windows, MacOS
    Heroic Games Launcher, June 13, 2022, Game support tools , 359 Views
    an open source multi-platform game launcher for native and windows games using crossover

    Download: 136