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  1. The Bat! Professional 10.5.2 - Secure Desktop Email Client

    Secure Desktop Email Client
    Ritlabs, November 04, 2023, Business support , 274 Views
    process and store an unlimited number of messages and an unlimited number of email accounts

    Download: 58

  2. Mailbird 2.9.83 - Email client for Windows

    Email client for Windows
    Mailbird, September 30, 2023, Business support , 348 Views
    an intuitive email client that promises to deliver an uncluttered experience and several handy features for managing your email messages

    Download: 89

  3. Mozilla Thunderbird 115.3.1 - Email, news and RSS client

    Email, news and RSS client
    Mozilla Foundation, September 30, 2023, Office - PDF , 3737 Views
    free email client application that allows opening multiple email accounts on the same interface, tabbed email browsing

    Download: 609

  4. Firetrust MailWasher Pro 7.12.181 - Spam Blocker & Email management software

    Spam Blocker & Email management software
    Firetrust, September 23, 2023, Business support , 312 Views
    screen all your email accounts in one place and allow only the email you want in your inbox

    Download: 73

  5. Tails 5.17.1 - Privacy and anonymity protection operating system

    Privacy and anonymity protection operating system
    Tails, September 16, 2023, Operating System , 1894 Views
    an operating system, a security-focused debian-based linux distribution that protects privacy and anonymity

    Download: 644

  6. Sending reported error 0x800CCC69 in Outlook

    AiiGuide, August 01, 2023, Windows Operating System News , 265 Views
    you can fix sending and receiving reported error (0x800ccc69), unknown error 0x800ccc69 in outlook by reconfiguring smtp settings.

  7. OutlookStatView 2.28 - Report for Outlook mailbox

    Report for Outlook mailbox
    NirSoft, November 06, 2022, Office - PDF , 1122 Views
    the software can scan your outlook mailbox and display statistics about the users with whom you communicate via email

    Download: 525

  8. eM Client Pro 9.1.2053.0 - Email management software for all platforms

    Email management software for all platforms
    eM Client, July 30, 2022, Business support , 1470 Views
    full-featured email client with a modern and easy-to-use interface including gmail, exchange, icloud and outlook

    Download: 630

  9. Windows 11 Pro 21H2 v10.0.22000.795 No TPM - Windows 11 with new UI, Start menu and more

    Windows 11 with new UI, Start menu and more
    Microsoft, July 15, 2022, Operating System , 3692 Views
    a preview build is said to be for windows 11, confirming a new name for microsoft's next generation of windows will be officially released

    Download: 1696

  10. Becky! Internet Mail 2.81.03 - Internet email client

    Internet email client
    RimArts Inc, June 10, 2022, Business support , 548 Views
    an email client that creates multiple mailboxes and multi-featured e-mail client specialized for windows and the internet

    Download: 242

  11. DreamMail - Professional email software

    Professional email software
    DreamMail, May 27, 2022, Office - PDF , 1442 Views
    a professional email software for email management to handle multi-user email accounts, protocol support: pop3, smtp, esmtp, live, gmail, yahoo

    Download: 406

  12. POP Peeper Pro 5.2.2 - Email notifier Software

    Email notifier Software
    Esumsoft, December 01, 2021, Business support , 2377 Views
    email notifier that runs in your windows taskbar and alerts you when you have new email on any of your accounts

    Download: 745