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  1. NokoPrint for Android v5.4.12 - Mobile Printing (APK Premium)

    Mobile Printing (APK Premium)
    NokoPrint LLC, June 12, 2023, Business support , 217 Views
    print documents, pdf files, invoices, receipts, boarding passes, and more at home, at work, or while on the go

    Download: 60

  2. BrowserDownloadsView 1.44 - View downloads of Chrome and Firefox

    View downloads of Chrome and Firefox
    NirSoft, June 09, 2023, Web Browsers , 969 Views
    a free tool for displaying the details of files downloaded from chrome and firefox

    Download: 461

  3. CCleaner Browser 111.0.20716.149 - Private and highly secure Web browser

    Private and highly secure Web browser
    Piriform, April 10, 2023, Web Browsers , 1299 Views
    the fast, private and secure browser for windows released by the publisher piriform based on chromium

    Download: 483

  4. ChromeCacheView 2.45 - Cache viewer for Google Chrome Web browser

    Cache viewer for Google Chrome Web browser
    NirSoft, March 24, 2023, Web Browsers , 885 Views
    reads the cache directory of the google chrome web browser and displays a list of all files currently cached

    Download: 361

  5. Hotspot Shield 11.4.3 - Fastest VPN app

    Fastest VPN app
    Aura, December 31, 2022, Network - WiFi , 1003 Views
    provides the tools to create a virtual private network (vpn), so you can browse the web anonymously and safely

    Download: 409

  6. Yandex Browser - Fast and Secure Web Browser

    Fast and Secure Web Browser
    Yandex, December 25, 2022, Web Browsers , 2084 Views
    a web browser that is considered to have a beautiful and attractive interface along with good security mode and extremely fast browsing speed

    Download: 616

  7. Sleipnir 6.4.20 - Web browser

    Web browser
    Fenrir Inc, November 12, 2022, Web Browsers , 1154 Views
    a web browser designed to display everything better and faster, focusing on tabbed browsing and customization

    Download: 518

  8. Belarc Advisor 12.0.0 - Protect your computer system

    Protect your computer system
    Belarc Software, November 11, 2022, Security - Privacy , 1753 Views
    builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, network inventory, missing security updates, anti-virus status

    Download: 591

  9. Wappalyzer 6.10.46 for Chrome, FireFox, Edge - Find out what websites are built

    Find out what websites are built
    Wappalyzer, November 07, 2022, Web - Programming , 1461 Views
    find out what cms a website is using, as well as any framework, ecommerce platform, javascript libraries and many more.

    Download: 534

  10. ChromeCookiesView 1.72 - View or delete cookies of Chrome Web browser

    View or delete cookies of Chrome Web browser
    NirSoft, October 16, 2022, Web Browsers , 1129 Views
    gives you the option of viewing cookies without needing to use the google chrome browser's standard internal cookies viewer

    Download: 407

  11. Howard E-Mail Notifier 1.98 - Email notifications for desktop computers

    Email notifications for desktop computers
    the sz development, October 12, 2022, Office - PDF , 1083 Views
    a small tool that can connect to various e-mail servers in order to notify you about newly received messages

    Download: 484

  12. Biniware Run - Keep all important shortcuts in one place

    Keep all important shortcuts in one place
    Biniware, September 28, 2022, Tools - Utilities , 1451 Views
    a portable windows desktop tool which provides you fast access to your favorite website addresses, files and folders

    Download: 578

  13. pgAdmin 4 6.14 - PostgreSQL Tools

    PostgreSQL Tools
    pgAdmin Team, September 23, 2022, Database - Server , 997 Views
    the most popular and feature rich open source administration and development platform for postgresql, the most advanced open source database

    Download: 325

  14. TidyTabs 1.20.1 - Tabbed window manager for Windows

    Tabbed window manager for Windows
    Nurgo Software, September 22, 2022, Desktop - Enhancements , 1335 Views
    smart tab management for windows with the ability to combine many active programs into one tab to open and handle work faster

    Download: 506

  15. novaPDF Pro 11.6.345 - Easily Create PDF files

    Easily Create PDF files
    Softland, July 16, 2022, Office - PDF , 1210 Views
    enables you to convert any printable document to pdf format, including emails, ms office documents, web pages, text

    Download: 602

  16. NoVirusThanks OSArmor - Prevent Malware & Ransomware

    Prevent Malware & Ransomware
    NoVirusThanks, July 02, 2022, Security - Privacy , 592 Views
    monitor and block suspicious processes behaviors to prevent infections by malware, ransomware, and other threats

    Download: 244

  17. Total Commander Ultima Prime 8.5 - Data Management Tools for Windows

    Data Management Tools for Windows
    Total Commander, July 02, 2022, Tools - Utilities , 1673 Views
    collection of the software and customized settings sets gathered in one installation package for enhancing total command

    Download: 592