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  1. NVIDIA GeForce Experience - NVIDIA Graphics Card Support Tool

    NVIDIA Graphics Card Support Tool
    NVIDIA, September 27, 2022, Drivers - Firmware , 1215 Views
    a powerful application to provide you with a means of having the best settings for your games as well as the latest drivers from nvidia

    Download: 420

  2. TeamViewer Portable 15.34.4 - Connect and control your computer remotely

    Connect and control your computer remotely
    TeamViewer, September 27, 2022, Network - WiFi , 1669 Views
    a portable version of teamview with a compact capacity, no installation required but still fully featured in remote support

    Download: 568

  3. OneLaunch 5.6.4 - Upgrade your Windows experience

    Upgrade your Windows experience
    OneLaunch Technologies, September 23, 2022, Tools - Utilities , 717 Views
    a packed with all the features that make the pc experience more convenient and efficient

    Download: 241

  4. GPU-Z 2.49.0 - Displays GPU card details

    Displays GPU card details
    Techpowerup, September 20, 2022, Tools - Utilities , 1094 Views
    a lightweight utility designed to scan your computer system and display information regarding video card and gpu

    Download: 387

  5. Mirillis Action! 4.29.4 - Screen Recording Software and Gameplay

    Screen Recording Software and Gameplay
    Mirillis, September 12, 2022, Multimedia , 355 Views
    screen recorder allows streaming and real-time recording of windows desktop in a superb hd video quality

    Download: 110

  6. PPSSPP 1.13.2 - PSP emulator for Windows

    PSP emulator for Windows
    AiiGuide, September 12, 2022, Game support tools , 746 Views
    psp emulator for windows, play your favorite psp games on a windows environment, with support for iso images and psn downloaded games

    Download: 332

  7. ScreenHunter Pro 7.0.1433 - All-in-one screen capture and screen recorder

    All-in-one screen capture and screen recorder
    Wisdom Software, September 08, 2022, Multimedia , 1332 Views
    award-winning solution for capturing, printing, editing and recording all-in-one videos to save you time

    Download: 408

  8. Net Monitor for Employees Professional 5.8.15 - Control remote computers

    Control remote computers
    EduIQ, September 07, 2022, Network - WiFi , 722 Views
    a cross-platform software that helps manage user activities, providing the ability to check and monitor computer activity

    Download: 319

  9. Any Video Downloader Pro 7.31.1 - Video download manager

    Video download manager
    Any Video Software, September 06, 2022, Download Managers , 1322 Views
    best download videos from youtube, facebook, dailymotion, vimeo, and thousands of other video sharing sites

    Download: 502

  10. thilmera7 0b175 - A system monitor for Windows

    A system monitor for Windows
    Gakuto Matsumura, September 04, 2022, Tools - Utilities , 606 Views
    a system monitor for windows that displays the performance and status of your pc in a compact size in real time

    Download: 282

  11. WinSnap 5.3.3 - Create Superior Screenshots

    Create Superior Screenshots
    NTWind Software, September 04, 2022, Desktop - Enhancements , 536 Views
    a fast user-friendly utility for taking and editing screenshots with professional-looking shadows, reflections, outlines, watermarks and color effects

    Download: 256

  12. Screenpresso 2.1.5 - Image and Video screen capture

    Image and Video screen capture
    LEARNPULSE SAS, August 22, 2022, Multimedia , 966 Views
    a software that easily captures screenshots and screenshots and records them on your computer

    Download: 368

  13. Auto Screen Capture - Automated screen capture utility

    Automated screen capture utility
    Gavin Kendall, August 19, 2022, Desktop - Enhancements , 343 Views
    an open source graphics utility that provides you with the ability to automatically capture the display of up to four screens

    Download: 158

  14. AnyDesk - Fast Remote Desktop Application

    Fast Remote Desktop Application
    AnyDesk Software, August 12, 2022, Network - WiFi , 1323 Views
    connect to a computer remotely, be it from the other end of the office or halfway around the world

    Download: 403

  15. iTop Screen Recorder - Free Screen Recorder for Windows

    Free Screen Recorder for Windows
    iTop Inc, August 12, 2022, Multimedia , 1411 Views
    a simple and easy to use screen recorder that allows screen recording, screen capture and video editing easily

    Download: 413

  16. PicPick 6.3.0 - Capture And Edit Screen Captures

    Capture And Edit Screen Captures
    NGWIN, August 09, 2022, Multimedia , 1327 Views
    a full-featured screen capture tool, intuitive image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel-ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard and more

    Download: 348

  17. NCH PhotoPad 9.57 - Edit your photos and images easily

    Edit your photos and images easily
    NCH Software, August 06, 2022, Photo Editor , 406 Views
    photopad offers the powerful tools and features you need to improve your digital images

    Download: 166