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  1. Wise Toys 1.0.5 Beta - Minimal plug-in modern desktop software

    Minimal plug-in modern desktop software
    WiseCleaner, October 13, 2021, Tools - Utilities , 775 Views
    boost your productivity and efficiency by grouping several useful tools in one convenient location

    Download: 376

  2. Confide 1.10.2 - Encrypted, self-destructing messages

    Encrypted, self-destructing messages
    Confide Inc, August 10, 2021, Security - Privacy , 1261 Views
    with encrypted, self-destructing, and anti-screenshot messages, confide gives you the comfort of knowing that your private communications

    Download: 556

  3. VovSoft Webcam Capture 3.1 - Webcam snapshot software

    Webcam snapshot software
    VovSoft, August 06, 2021, Photo Editor , 1231 Views
    simple software solution that enables you to monitor your webcam video from a streamlined, minimalistic user interface

    Download: 556

  4. iTop Screenshot - Screenshot Capture for Windows

    Screenshot Capture for Windows
    iTop Inc, July 27, 2021, Photo Editor , 1854 Views
    a free, lightweight, yet powerful screenshot tool, quickly take screenshots, easily annotate or highlight your captured images

    Download: 645

  5. Monosnap 4.13.0 - Screenshot tool for PC

    Screenshot tool for PC
    Monosnap, July 09, 2021, Photo Editor , 1031 Views
    a screen capture and recording software that offers simple capture options with optional online sharing of your snapshots and recordings

    Download: 467

  6. IObit iFun Screen Recorder - The best free screen recorder

    The best free screen recorder
    IObit, May 19, 2021, Multimedia , 1545 Views
    application record any area of your screen, a featured screen with facecam for multiple occasions: work, education, game

    Download: 675

  7. Power Spy 2020 12.88.2 - Best Facebook Ads Spy Tool, Facebook Ad Examples

    Best Facebook Ads Spy Tool, Facebook Ad Examples
    PowerAdspy, May 16, 2021, Security - Privacy , 1388 Views
    best facebook ads spy tool allow you to profit big without spending any money testing ads that don’t work

    Download: 582