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  • UltraSearch UltraSearch UltraSearch finds files and folders on local NTFS drives and provides the results in just a few seconds
  • Tablacus Explorer 21.12.6 Tablacus Explorer Tabbed file manager, you can easily and quickly organize your directories and files
  • Personal Backup Personal Backup A useful application designed to help you save your important data to perform backup jobs for your files and folders
  • Syncthing 1.18.5 Syncthing A continuous file synchronization program, it synchronizes files between two or more computers
  • FBackup 9.4.460 FBackup A free backup and restore solution for Win OS designed to protect your valuable data from being lost
  • FullEventLogView 1.67 FullEventLogView A simple tool for Windows 10/8/7/Vista that displays in a table the details of all events from the event logs of Windows
  • FreeFileSync 11.15 FreeFileSync A folder comparison and synchronization software that creates and manages backup copies of all your important files
  • HashMyFiles 2.43 HashMyFiles A small utility that allows you to calculate the MD5 and SHA1 hashes of one or more files in your system
  • Broot 1.7.4 Broot A open source program for browsing and navigating directories of any size via the command line
  • File Checksum Calculator 1.8 File Checksum Calculator A standalone utility that generates and verifies cryptographic hashes in MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512
  • USB Oblivion USB Oblivion Erase all traces of USB-connected drives and CD-ROMs from the registry in Windows
  • TreeSize 4.5.3 TreeSize A free disk space manager for Windows, the program shows you the sizes of folders including all subfolders.
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  • Q-Dir 10.41 Q-Dir A multi-pane file explorer that enables you to arrange up to 4 separate Window Explorer views (quadro-view)
  • Start Menu X 7.32 Start Menu X A replacement for your system menu, launching you forward with a professional alternative to the often-overlooked start menu
  • Intel Memory and Storage Tool 1.12 Intel Memory and Storage Tool Drive management software with a Graphical User Interface for Windows that allows you to view current drive information
  • KillEmAll KillEmAll A lightweight software solution that was designed to help users halt all the processes that are running on their computers in either visible
  • NTLite 2.3.2 Build 8519 NTLite Integrate updates, drivers, automate Windows and application setup, speedup Windows deployment process and more
  • Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool 2.0.1 Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool Monitor and diagnose the battery life impact of standard IT software builds on systems that support Intel vPro Technology
  • SmartSystemMenu 2.15.0 SmartSystemMenu A portable utility that will extend the system menu of all windows in the host system
  • Grub2Win Grub2Win Provides you with a boot manager that allows you to boot from various operating systems every single time you power your computer on
  • Windows Update Checker Windows Update Checker Check what updates are installed, missing or removable on your Windows7, 2008, 8, and 8.1 systems
  • ThisIsWin11 0.94.0 ThisIsWin11 Gives you a way to familiarize yourself with the many features and changes available with the up-and-coming Windows 11 release
  • SystemTrayMenu SystemTrayMenu Browse and open your files easily, You can add files, links, and folders, which can then be organized in levels as drop-down menus
  • Antivirus Removal Tool 2021.12 (v.1) Antivirus Removal Tool Antivirus Removal Tool is a portable program to detect and completely remove antivirus software